Takakazu Aoyama


August 28, 2014

Featured on COMMERCIAL PHOTO August 2014 issue.
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2014 Joined studioamana inc.
1997 Joined Ima corporation inc. (present amana inc.)
1997 Graduated from Nippon Photography Institute
1976 Born in Tokyo, Japan


2011 The 60th Nikkei Advertising Awards (Corporate Branding Category / Excellence Award)
2010 The 77th Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition (section3 / Prize)
2010 The 52nd Catalogue & Poster Fair (Catalogue - Expensive Goods Division / Bronze Prize)
2009 The Clio Awards (Poster Division / Bronze Prize)
2009 The 62th Dentsu advertising awards (Transportation Division / Prize)
2008 The 48th "Advertisement Beneficial to Consumers" Contest (Newspaper Division / Silver & Bronze Prize)
2008 The 28th Newspaper Award (Advertiser's Award / Grand Prize)
2007 The 14th Nikkei Trendy Advertising Awards (Grand Prize)
2007 49th Catalogue & Poster Fair (Japan Federation of Printing Industries Patronizing Prize)
2007 The 47th "Advertising Beneficial to Comsumers" Contest (Magazine Division / Gold Prize)
2007 The 56th Nikkei Advertising Awards (Cars & Automobiles Division / Grand Prize)
2007 The 60th Dentsu advertising awards (Newspaper, Food & Beverage Division / Prize)
2007 The 60th Dentsu advertising awards (Poster Division / Grand Prize)
2007 Transit Advertising Award (Billboard Division / Second Prize)
2007 The 74th Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition (Second Prize)
2006 The 55th Nikkei Advertising Awards (Second Prize)
2005 The 48th Japan Magazine Advertising Awards (Foodstuffs Division / Top Prize)


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Takakazu Aoyama
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