Hitoshi Ote


August 28, 2014

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2005 Became representative director of hue inc. with establishment
1985 Joined Urbane Publicity Inc. (present amana inc.)
1985 Graduated from Tokyo Industrial Arts University
1965 Born in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan


2008 The 48th "Advertisement Beneficial to Consumers" Contest (Newspaper Division / Silver Prize)
2007 The 56th Nikkei Advertising Awards (Designer goods & Service / 2nd place)
The 62nd Dentsu advertising awards (Newspaper, Fashion Division / Prize)
2006 The 74th Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition (Grand Prize)
The 56th Asahi Advertising Award (Asahi Advertising Award 2nd place)
2004 The 57th Dentsu advertising awards (Newspaper, Food & Drinks Division Award)
2003 The 56th Dentsu advertising awards (Newspaper, Lifestyle Division Award)
The 71st Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition (Food Division Award) Japan Package Design Awards (Silver Prize)
London International Advertising Awards (Finalists)
2002 The 55th Dentsu advertising awards (Magazine Division Award)
1999 The 39th "Advertisement Beneficial to Comsumers" Contest (Magazine Division / Silver Prize)
The 48th Asahi Advertising Award
1998 The 41st Japan Magazine Advertising Awards (Top Prize)
1996 New York festivals (Gold Prize)
Cannes Lions 43th International Advertising Festival (Gold & Bronze Prize)
1995 The 44th Asahi Advertising Award (Asahi Advertising Award 2nd place)
The Art Directors Club Annual Awards (3rd place)


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Hitoshi Ote


amana has unique expertise in visual communications.
Some of the finest Japanese talent can be found among our 50 photographers, with a diverse array of artistic styles.
Alongside commercial photography, they also deliver visual content for a range of media, including TVC and digital.
Each photographer is passionate about delivering the very best visuals, far beyond our clients’ expectations.